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These videos have been segmented into short 5-15 minute slices. This format enables gradual introduction of concepts, and also makes for easy indexing should you want to replay a specific topic.
Some of the content is very information-dense, so I encourage you to take in the content slowly.
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The Business of Biotechnology

Biotechnology Company Fundamentals


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Get the Textbook

Online Biotechnology Business Primer Course This course is based on Building Biotechnology, the leading text on the business of biotechnology. Building Biotechnolgy has been adopted by more than 50 schools, including Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins, the Karolinska Institute, Berkeley, UCSF, and the National Institutes of Health.

Building Biotechnology helps readers understand the business of biotechnology, how to start and manage biotechnology companies, and how to better service the needs of biotechnology companies. This acclaimed book describes the convergence of scientific, political, regulatory, and commercial factors that drive the biotechnology industry and define its scope.

The videos in this course are based on the author's teaching experiences, and follow the chapters in the book. In developing this online course it was desired to do more than simply read through the chapters—the online course adds substantial color to the content of the book.

While the text is not necessary for the course, it can be useful to follow along with the videos, or as a handy reference once you are done with the video lectures.

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Journal of Commercial Biotechnology

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology For more advanced coverage of biotechnology, see the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology.

The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, in print since 1994, is the definitive international quarterly publication for bioscience business professionals. The Journal is designed specifically for those professionals who need to enhance their knowledge of biotechnology business strategy and management, improve and advance their product development or want to keep up-to-date with current issues and industry trends.

Each issue publishes peer-reviewed, authoritative, cutting-edge articles written by the leading practitioners and researchers in the field, addressing topics such as:

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology Sample Papers

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